Acoustic cladding

Acoustic cladding

100% Custom Work

Franssen's acoustic cladding effectively absorbs the noise generated by ventilators, engines, generators and machinery.

Inform where possible for application in:

  • Engines and generators
  • Machines and equipment
  • Castes and separating walls in accordance with HCCP-requirements

Ever more stringent requirements are being imposed for noise levels in the context of health, safety and environmental legislation. Franssen's acoustic cladding meets the highest of these requirements and standards.

The company works with its own ingenious basic design that can be adapted to any specific situation. This allows for rapid assembly and disassembly. The use of loose components means Franssen acoustic cladding can be installed in areas where there is limited manoeuvrability. When designing the cladding, account is taken of the frequency of maintenance operations on the machinery in question. Removable panels, and options to incorporate doors and windows, allow for greater flexibility.

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Acoustic cladding Acoustic cladding Acoustic cladding