Current projects

Current projects

Remon Franssen Entrepreneur of the Year Maas and Waal 2016

Remon Franssen is named Entrepreneur of the Region Maas and Waal on the year 2016. Remon Franssen was praised by the jury for his relentless energy to grow Franssen Group Insulation & Scaffolding in an innovative and socially responsible manner and to the high quality of service.
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400 entrepreneurs and directors

The prizes were awarded by Enterprising Maas and Waal. This is a platform for all associations from Druten and West Maas en Waal. The award ceremony was attended by 400 entrepreneurs and directors in d'n Bogerd in Druten.

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Filter for Umicore

Franssen Group has been given the job of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) for insulation and scaffolding work of building a new filter at Umicore Hoboken (B).

In five weeks we were assembling 900 m2 stainless steel mesh blankets and 560 m2 304 stainless steel cladding. The rapid cooperation between scaffolding, insulation and cladding ensures a successful completion within the agreed deadline, of course with the desired quality. Cooperation between MHPS and Franssen Group was the first time, but certainly not the last time.

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Franssen goes Texas USA

In October 2015 the mechanics returned with a satisfied feeling from Henrietta Texas USA. After 6 weeks of isolating a new desulfurization Filter for TRIANGLE BRICK they delivered a true example of professionalism.

All board work is custom made in our workshop, transported and assembled. All in accordance with the strict safety requirements that are made in America. The land of unlimited possibilities is limitless for Franssen Group.

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Nomination Entrepreneur of the Year Maas and Waal 2016

Remon Franssen gladly received his nomination. Of course, while he was working because it is busy at Franssen Insulation. He has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year Maas and Waal 2016.

On Tuesday, November 1st industrious Maas and Waal (Netherlands) celebrates. For the fifth time in a row the nominated directors compete for the title of Entrepreneur of the Year Maas and Waal 2016 and Rabobank Talent Award Maas and Waal 2016.

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"STAD AMSTERDAM" insulated optimally

To be allowed to operate in US waters Franssen Insulation isolated the Clipper "STAD AMSTERDAM" for optimized fire insulation.

The administrator of this beautiful clipper has choosen for an insulation company that isolates quickly, effectively and professionally and without delay or problems - all by the standards of the US COAST GUARD.

Thanks to Franssen Insulation this great clipper sails around the world again with the proper certification.

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