Franssen Insulation

Franssen Insulation

We Don't Understand the Meaning of the Words, "Not Possible"!

Franssen Insulation Contractors (Isolatiebedrijf Franssen) has been supplying a wide range of insulation services to countless customers operating across various sectors since 1971. The company is a specialist in insulation for the shipbuilding, light and heavy engineering, and construction industries.

Particular specialities include the manufacture of insulation padding and acoustic cladding. In particular industrial customers can benefit from a total turnkey package including demolition, scaffolding and preservation. The expertise and experience of more than forty employees can be deployed nationwide or worldwide. External training and ongoing in- service training - primarily via the OOI Foundation - ensures a further broadening of the company's expertise. SCC certification provides an additional guarantee for quality workmanship. Franssen's customers can always count on a partner that knows how to apply itself to the job in hand.

We don't understand the meaning of the words "Not Possible"!

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